Ascension is a church brimming with hope and expectant faith ~ strong Biblical preaching - dynamic encounter with the Holy Spirit - a community of faith and love - integrity of purpose & worship -  restoration, redemption, and  joy.

Building a Community, Centered on Christ


Building a community around faith in Jesus Christ, Ascension preaches and teaches the Bible, shares the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit, and worships according to the ancient patterns of established Christian tradition. 

Online & In Person

Sunday Service begins at 10:45, both for in-person attendance and live streaming online. For those who prefer not to attend in person due to COVID-19, services are streamed here:

About Church of the Ascension

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Evangelical (Scripture)

Christian faith and practice is personal and corporate. The Gospel is really good news! Evangelical means "good news." Trusting in Jesus as Savior and walking with Him as Lord is a personal call to each Christian, and for the whole Church.


Charismatic (Spirit)

Dynamic spiritual empowerment comes from the Holy Spirit as He indwells the Church like life-giving wind, purifying fire, and boldness to share the Gospel. The Spirit helps us pray when we do not know how to pray. The Spirit comforts us in our grief. The Spirit inspires us to hope more deeply in the Promises of God in Christ Jesus.


Catholic (Sacrament)

The Sacraments are the effective means of grace, giving assurance to the Church of God's promises. The Church has 2 Gospel Sacraments, Baptism and Eucharist, and 5 other commonly called Sacraments, Absolution, Marriage, Ordination, Anointing, and Confirmation.

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