What is Anglicanism?

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One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic

The Anglican Communion refers to those churches across the globe who trace their history back through the Church of England. The Church in England has roots back to the first century. Anglicans translated the Bible into English, developed a strong missionary culture, worshiped in the common language, and formed a Prayer Book that synthesized the Bible and established Tradition.

Anglicans have been instrumental in the Church since the earliest centuries, the Reformation, the great awakenings, global networks, and the charismatic renewal. Being Anglican is to be classically and historically Christian.

Some Common Questions and Answeres

Is Church of the Ascension affiliated with an Anglican Province?
Church of the Ascension is affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of the Mid–Atlantic under the leadership of Bishop Chris Warner. The Diocese of the Mid Atlantic is part of the Anglican Church in North America, founded in 2009 in response to the need for a Gospel-centered, orthodox Anglican Province in North America. The ACNA is made up of about 1,000 churches in partnership with the global Anglican Communion, which is comprised of about 90 million Christians.


Where can I read about the basics of Anglican theology?
As Anglicans, we live with this early Christian maxim: lex ordani, lex credendi. This translates as "the rule of prayer is the rule of believe." The Book of Common Prayer, first written in 1549, was a synthesis of early Christian faith and practice. It has had various updates over the centuries and is one of the most translated books ever written in English. The Book of Common Prayer, theThirty-Nine Articles of Religion, and the Ordinal (about clergy) are the historic documents that explain Anglican theology. Anglican theology is "re-formed catholic" theology. This means we are part of the historic Catholic Faith and Order but also part of the Reformation's emphasis on making the Bible primary for the Church and Christian.


What is Anglican worship like? 
The Book of Common Prayer reflects the Biblical precepts for worship as taught by Moses in the Old Testament and as by our Lord Jesus. He taught us to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven...." Worship here on earth then is to reflect the unchanging realities in heaven, even as the world conditions change so often. Our clergy where white robes, there is regular celebration of the Eucharist, there is the public reading of Scripture, confession of sin, and voices lifted in prayer and song - as it is in heaven. As our Lord said in the Gospel of John and the creatures in heaven said, "Come and see!"

Some Terms 
Eucharist - The Lord's Supper or Holy Communion
Rector - the Senior Pastor who is also a Priest
Vestry - like elected lay leadership team
Diocese - a collection of churches, missions, and ministries under the pastoral leadership of a Bishop
Apostolic Succession - the laying of hands in Ordination that can be historically traced
back to the first Easter when our Lord Jesus ordained the 12 Apostles.